Valve hat vergangene Nacht wieder ein Update für CS:GO veröffentlicht. Große Änderungen bleiben aus, es sind dafür viele kleine, aber nicht unwichtige Bug Fixes und Anpassungen darin enthalten. Wirkliche Neuerungen gibt es eigentlich nur für Server und deren Logs. Und das meiste davon sind eher spezielle Funktionen. Für Spieler wirklich interessant ist die Tatsache, dass in einem Match die Teams nun unabhängig voneinander ein Voting starten können.

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– Reduced per-client memory use by sharing network buffers.
– Increased entities delta buffers to 192Kb to support connecting to game modes with many entities (sv_delta_entity_full_buffer_size on the server can be used to increase it up to 256Kb if needed)
– Added a better error message for clients explaining the too many entities on the server error.
– Added more functionality for community log address integration.
– Log address can now be sent an 18-character prefix before every log packet text
– logaddress_add_ex command will use a unique prefix token per instance for the added log address
– logaddress_token_secret and logaddress_add_ts allow to add prefix as a checksum of known secret string
– Added a message for “killed by the bomb” to the logs.

[ MISC ]
– Teams can now vote on team issues independently.
– Fixed sleeves interpenetrating gloves
– Spectator’s player glow values have been adjusted to make noise-making state transitions more noticeable.

[ OSX ]
– Fixed CSM boundary artifacts on Iris based Macbook pro.

[ MAPS ]
– Overpass
— Added grenade-clip to ceiling underneath Bombsite A and inside connector, to prevent molotovs spreading into areas above

– Cobblestone
— Removed support beam in drop room which blocked line of sight to drop/door

– Nuke
— Fixed see-through gap when jump-peeking from CT spawn towards Mini
— Fixed various bugs reported on

– Cache
— Fixed model fade distance on truck in CT spawn