Heute hat Valve eine interessante Änderung an der Genauigkeit der Waffen in CS:GO eingeführt. Das Update verändert nämlich die Methode zur Berechnung der Rate, mit der die bestmögliche Genauigkeit nach dem Schießen wiedererlangt wird. Außerdem haben einige Pistolen neue Sounds erhalten und es wurden wichtige Bug Fixes mitgeliefert.

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– New accuracy recovery method and new recovery rates for the M4A1-S, M4A4, and AK-47. See details HERE.

– Increased fidelity of firing sounds for P250, Five-Seven, Tec-9, CZ75-Auto, and Dual Berettas.
– Added unique reload and distant sounds for P250, Five-Seven, Tec-9, and Dual Berettas.

– Added defusekit player state to game state integration support.
– cl_weapon_debug_print_accuracy 2 is now a tab delimited formatted output of information.
– Fix a bug that rarely caused a player to be on the wrong team in competitive mode.
– Fix a bug that allowed players to spawn in unexpected (invalid) locations on various maps.
– Added logic to prevent airstalling (where a player appears to float in midair by disrupting their network stream).
– Added sv_clamp_unsafe_velocities convar (default: 1) that community servers can disable to support surfing, etc.
– Misc security improvements.
– Modified report and commend GC logic to clearly signal failure in the case of spoofed reports.