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Alles rund um Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

In neuem Glanz erstrahlt die Map Cache seit dem heutigen CS:GO Update. Mapper FMPONE kündigte schon vor einiger Zeit eine optische Überarbeitung der Karte an, die inoffiziell desöfteren als „Cache HD Update“ bezeichnet wurde. Außerdem gibt es mit der „Accuracy Debug“-Funktion eine interessante neue Möglichkeit, um die Genauigkeit von Schüssen zu analysieren. Die Map Cache hat eine verbesserte Optik spendiert bekommen. Einige Texturen wurden durch schönere Varianten ersetzt, die zudem für eine bessere Sichtbarkeit sorgen sollen, vor allem auch für farbenblinde Spieler. Außerdem wurden die Eingänge des Schachts mit dem neuen Model von Nuke versehen.

Alles weitere dazu findet ihr unter:


– Fixed possible remote code execution bug in KeyValues parsing. Thanks to xPaw for finding and reporting the issue!
– Fixed a bug allowing community servers to override certain game files.
– Added support in vbsp for clip brush textures with different material types.
– Added CS:GO in-game blog localization for Finnish.
– Significantly reduced holiday cheer.
– Added convars cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy and cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy_duration
— With “cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy 1,” when a shot is fired, a 12 inch circle will be drawn at the Effective Range of the weapon, i.e, the farthest distance at which the shot is guaranteed to fall within a 12 inch circle.
— With “cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy 2,” when a shot is fired, a circle will be drawn at the surface that is aimed at showing the area that could have been hit by the bullet given its inaccuracy.
— cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy_duration ( default 10 ) determines how long the debug circles last.
— The further the shot is into the spray sequence, the more red the circle will be.

– Increased radius of c4 disarm sound
– Fixed some cases where alt-tabbing away and back to the game would cause incorrect sounds to play

— Visibility improvements based on color-blind player feedback
— Texture improvements
— New vent models
— Added subtle markers for grenade throws (thanks James Bardolph)
— Added plant-zone decals to Bombsite B
— Added graphic for “Sun-room” (thanks Thurnip)
— Fixed fade distance on crate in checkers
— Fixed weapons being irretrievable under vent
— Fixed all known bomb-stuck spots
— Fixed an exploit involving flashbangs from mid into checkers
— Fixed pixelwalks at mid, T-Spawn, A main, A site
— Improved .nav mesh (thanks p_NM)

— Improved accuracy of grenade clips on metal containers
— Clip brushes now play the correct material type footstep sound
— Performance optimizations
— Removed crate stack from CT side
— Removed railings outside HUT
— Removed railings at top of Heaven ladder
— Lowered ambient soundscape volumes
— Door opening and closing predictability fixed
— Improved .nav mesh (thanks Bez)
— Fixed +use interaction through tool or clip brushes
— Fixed double doors being blocked by their sibling door being blocked by the player

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